Laser Light Reviews 2017

A Quick Review of the SUNY 5 Lens RGB Laser Light

Overall summary is this is a very good laser stage light for the money. But we had a rocky purchase of it as will explain. When the laser light first came it actually arrived without its remote. And as I'm sure you're well aware this is absolutely necessary when running the light. However, to my surprise, the seller was more than happy to send a remote out without me needing to send back the whole light. Phew, that was a relief but could have done without the hassle /delay though. Anyway, at least they were nice and fair about it.

How is the performace of the laser?

In terms of its performance it's been very impressive overall. It does a great job at covering a whole floor or even a complete dance floor area. Which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of laser lights out there. The beam is very bright and actually I would be careful not to stare at it directly because these modern day lasers are very strong and could damage your eye.

On and Off Switch is easy

Switching on and off the SUNY 5 lens is easy. If for example you would like to turn off say the blue LED light only to get your required mixing effect you could do so with the remote. Also the remote mic that is on board can also be changed with a flick of the remote in terms of altering it's impressive sensitivity controls.

How does it look with the lights on?

Now we tested this stage lighting for laser when we did a DJ set at a hotel reception party. The room was very bright and we had the laser stage light positioned in the corner of a 25m x 15m room. The light from the laser was still visible and pattern while not totally clear was still visible as well. We would recommend that to get the most out of the pattern effect to use a dark room. That way, your guests will be amazed at what this light can do.